It took a year of development to successfully launch the new mobile application for our partners. It is now available to everyone regardless of age, race or religion!

How did it go?

We have launched the first 2.0 version 3 months ago. Our flagship application - the 4NET.TV has been released first and we have tested all the new functions. As a matter of course, even though the testing had been thorough, we have found out that some things still need a little bit of tweaking due to a simultaneous release on so many devices with many clients. Needless to say that we were working on the 2.1 version at the same time. It contains further updates and above all it is optimized for tablets. We came up with a conclusion that it will be more beneficial for all of our partners to wait a little while longer and get a final debugged version.

We are working on it now.
And that is what we are doing now.

What can the spectators look forward to?

We are sticking to a two-color scheme, straightforward interface and navigation. You will be surprised by the speed and impressed with the new functions;

  • Detailed program information. The most popular TV channels will now include information with interesting facts about the programs and it will be available in advance.
    You will also be able to look up movie ratings, posters, photographs, trailers and cast lists. There will be a list of all the aired episodes available for given TV shows along with a function capable of suggesting similar movies. It will be very useful because it can show you all the comedies being currently aired if you are into them.
  • The search function. You have to see it to believe it. It can suggest all the programs you are interested in. You only need to type one letter or a part of the movie’s name, a specific actor, genre, you can even search by the country. If you try that you will never search through a long TV schedule again when on the lookout for your favorite episode of Ulice that you have not seen yet.
  • Stream thumbnails will also come in handy if you want to fast forward in order to skip the adverts, boring parts of the film or a lengthy part of a biathlon relay race.
  • Tablet specialized version has a possibility to split the screen into two parts. The list is located on the left, whereas the player and the movie information are displayed on the right.
  • Authorization by username and password. Most of the brands have already been using this but for the client minority that did not participate it should be a useful tool. This change has been forced upon us by Apple.

How is it coming along

As of now most of the brand applications have been released and are ready to be downloaded on Google Play. Several applications were approved by App Store (iOS), but unfortunately, the approval process is long and tedious. There are minor misunderstandings and we are repeatedly forced to patiently explain that we do hold the copyrights and that it is legal. That we pay the royalties… and more often than not, separately for every brand. Well, we love our job anyway!

Look out for your applications on Google Play and on App Store. Don’t be afraid to get in touch immediately if you are curious about something.