Bohumil Herwig, an experienced digital editor for had tested DIGI2GO applications and published a thorough review. Because the application was built by our company we were especially interested in this particular review. The results? Satisfaction above all; our main strengths are reliability, easy interface and neat design.
However, the criticism of the weak sides did not spare us as is the case in every objective review. We agree that there is a visible difference between the mobile version and the web version. However, we are tirelessly working on a new web version as of now. Both we and our clients are excited to see the final release. Another rebuke mentions the deformation and possible cropping of the image’s aspect ratio on Android devices. It has to be said that that each Android device can run a different video player, therefore we cannot be entirely sure that at least in some cases the incoming streams are uncorrupted.
In the end we cannot but poke back at the editor a little bit because we would like him to have a look at the solutions for the iOS platform as well. We would be glad to lend him a compatible device. :)

No offence, Mr. Editor, we were glad that you have tested and reviewed our solution ☺
 And the rest of you can have a look here.